Every eligible Coloradan—Republican, Independent, and Democrat, alike—deserves to have their voice heard in accessible and secure elections.
— Jena Griswold

What Does the Secretary of State Do?

The Colorado Secretary of State oversees our elections, campaign finance, and business registration, among other duties. The Secretary of State is critical to making sure that Colorado has safe and secure elections, and to stopping secret political spending.


Why Jena Griswold

My name is Jena Griswold.  I’m running for Colorado Secretary of State to stop dark money in Colorado campaigns, to help small business owners and entrepreneurs, and to ensure that every eligible Coloradan has their voice heard in accessible and secure elections.

I will protect every eligible Coloradan’s right to vote. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat, Republican or Independent – everyone in Colorado deserves an equal opportunity to vote.


The Issues

Jena Griswold is running to ensure Colorado remains strong. As Secretary of State, she plans to:

  • Protect every eligible citizen’s right to vote

  • Increase voter participation by expanding automatic voter registration

  • Bolster our state’s cybersecurity and guard against foreign interference in our elections

  • Fix our statewide voter registration system

  • Fight to get dark money out of our politics and increase campaign finance transparency

  • Support small businesses and entrepreneurs