jena’s plan


Voting Rights

Jena Griswold grew up in rural Colorado in a working-class family that faced financial difficulties and at times received help from local foodbanks. She’s held a job since the seventh grade, and she was the first person in her family to attend a four-year college. Growing up working-class, she knows first-hand how important it is for every Coloradan's voice to be heard and every vote to count. 

The Secretary of State should make elections more accessible and secure. Jena will work to increase voter participation and turnout. That’s why Jena plans to expand automatic voter registration. On the other hand, Jena’s opponent has opposed laws to increase voter participation, such as universal mail ballots and same-day voter registration.

Jena will protect Coloradans’ right to vote. Donald Trump set up a federal voter commission to discourage eligible citizens from voting. As Secretary of State, Jena Griswold will stand up to Donald Trump and protect every Coloradan’s right to vote in secure elections.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat, a Republican, or Independent – everyone in Colorado deserves an equal opportunity to vote”

Cyber Security

Colorado was one of 21 states targeted by Russian hackers in the 2016 election. Colorado also recently received a B-ranking in cyber security. As Secretary of State, Jena Griswold will protect Colorado’s elections from Russian hacking or any attempts to interfere with our elections. Jena will also fix our statewide voter registration system, which went down in 2016, causing 2-3 hour lines in some places. Our statewide system has to work perfectly on Election Day.

We have great cyber and IT resources in Colorado. As SOS, Jena plans to work with the top minds in government and private sector cyber experts to ensure that we are ready for 21st century challenges.


Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Our state is built by entrepreneurs and small business owners. As a small business owner herself, Jena Griswold will strengthen Colorado’s economy and create jobs by cutting red tape and making it easier for people to launch their own business. Jena believes that government bureaucracy should never stand in the way of success, and plans to make the Secretary of State’s Office into a resources center for small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Campaign Finance

Billionaires, special interest groups, and big corporations are spending millions to influence the outcome of our elections. As Secretary of State, Jena Griswold will fight for real campaign finance reform that increases transparency of these hidden campaign donors and gets secret money out of Colorado politics.

Jena Griswold plans to close lobbyist loopholes and stop dark money, which is unreported, secret political spending. She will also make sure campaign finance law is enforced and make sure special interest groups and politicians play by the rules.