Jena Griswold Endorsements

Emily's LIst

“With civil rights and voting rights under attack, Colorado needs a progressive secretary of state now more than ever. Jena will do what needs to be done to stand up to Donald Trump, protect Coloradans’ privacy rights, increase transparency around campaign finance, and bolster the state's cybersecurity in elections. We are proud to join Jena as she works to bring bold and progressive leadership to the Colorado secretary of state’s office.”  Emily’s List President Stephanie Schriock


Secretary Ken Salazar

“Jena Griswold has the experience, enthusiasm, and bold vision we need in our Secretary of State. She will make our elections more secure, protect the right to vote, and increase transparency of our political process. Jena has and will work relentlessly to make sure every eligible Coloradan can take part in our democracy, and we would be lucky to see her take on this vital role."


Mayor Wellington Webb

“I support Jena Griswold for Secretary of State because I know she is committed to what all Coloradans value: accessible elections, transparency, and supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs.”


House Majority Leader KC Becker

“Jena knows that there is nothing more important than the integrity of our voting system, and will work relentlessly to ensure that ever eligible Coloradan can vote. As a small business owner, she will also make working with the state of Colorado easier for businesses and entrepreneurs.” 


Representative Chris Kennedy

"I worked closely with Jena when I was the Chair of the Jeffco Democratic Party and she was on the Obama campaign’s 2012 voter protection team. I can tell you that she is smart, organized, and most of all committed to ensuring every single voter is fully empowered to exercise his or her right to vote.”


Representative Jonathan Singer

"With my experience working on elections from Standing Rock to Colorado, I know that we must ensure that our elections are safeguarded from foreign interference and attempts to roll back voting rights.I am endorsing Jena because I know she will work tirelessly as our next Secretary of State to protect the integrity of our democracy through secure elections and strong voter turnout."




Other endorsements

  • Representative Brittany Pettersen
  • Former Majority Leader Alice Madden
  • Representative Barbara McLachlan
  • Representative Dylan Roberts
  • Representative Paul Rosenthal
  • Representative Jonathan Singer
  • Representative Dave Young
  • Representative Faith Winter
  • CU Regent Linda Shoemaker
  • CU Regent Jack Kroll
  • CU Regent Irene Griego
  • District Attorney Jeff Chostner
  • District Attorney Stan Garnett
  • County Commissioner and Former House Minority Leader Sal Pace
  • County Commissioner Eva Henry
  • County Commissioner Elise Jones
  • County Commissioner Steve O'Dorisio
  • County Commissioner Jill Ryan
  • County Commissioner Jeanne McQueeney
  • County Commissioner Kathy Chandler-Henry
  • Greeley City Council member Rochelle Galindo
  • Councilman Rafael Espinoza
  • Councilmember Robin Kniech
  • Louisville City Councilmember Ashley Stolzmann
  • City Counillor Jenny Willford
  • State Board of Education Member Val Flores
  • State Board of Education Member Rebecca McClellan
  • Boulder County Commissioner Deb Gardner
  • Boulder Mayor Suzanne Jones
  • Boulder Councilmember Aaron Brockett
  • Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle
  • Superior Mayor Clint Folsom
  • Mayor of Edgewater, Kris Teegardin
  • Denver School Board Member Mike Johnson
  • Jacob Smith, Former Mayor of Golden
  • Rick Palacio, Former Chair of Colorado Democratic Party
  • David Fine, Former Denver City Attorney
  • Former First Lady Dottie Lamm
  • Denver community leader Anna Jo Haynes
  • Tay Anderson
  • Mike Dino
  • Adam Dunstone
  • Craig Hughes
  • Blanca O'leary
  • Kelly Nordini
  • EMILY's List
  • Pipefitters Local 208
  • Plumbers Local 3
  • Congresswoman Diana DeGette
  • Congressman Ed Perlmutter
  • Secretary Ken Salazar
  • Mayor Wellington Webb
  • Senate Minority Leader Lucia Guzman
  • Former House Speaker Dickey Lee Hullinghorst
  • Former Speaker Mark Ferrandino
  • House Majority Leader KC Becker
  • Former Congresswoman Betsy Markey
  • Former Lt. Governor Gail Schoettler
  • Former Lt. Governor and Denver Public School Board Member Barbara O'Brien
  • Former Senate President John Morse
  • Senator Irene Aguilar, MD
  • Senator Steve Fenberg
  • Former Senator Joyce Foster
  • Senator Daniel Kagan
  • Senator Andy Kerr
  • Senator John Kefalas
  • Senator Matt Jones
  • Senator Dominick Moreno
  • Senator Mike Merrifield
  • Former Senator Lois Tochtrop
  • Former Senator Gail Schwartz
  • Senator Rachel Zenzinger
  • House Assistant Majority Leader Alec Garnett
  • Representative Jeni Arndt
  • Representative Janet Buckner
  • Representative Diane Mitsch Bush
  • Representative James Coleman
  • Representative Jessie Danielson
  • Representative Daneya Esgar
  • Representative Mike Foote
  • Representative Matt Gray
  • Representative Chris Hansen
  • Representative Leslie Herod
  • Representative Edie Hooton
  • Representative Dafna Michaelson Jenet
  • Representative Chris Kennedy
  • Representative Tracy Kraft-Tharp
  • Representative Pete Lee
  • Former Representative Claire Levy
  • Representative Susan Lontine