Jena Griswold

My name is Jena Griswold, and I’m the Democratic Nominee for Colorado Secretary of State. I grew up in rural Colorado, in Estes Park. Growing up, my mom worked two jobs, but we would still sometimes go to food banks. I started working the summer after 7th grade, and saw that a lot of Colorado families struggled. That inspired me to be the first person in my family to go to a four-year college and then law school, because I wanted to help even the playing field for Coloradans. Growing up working-class, I know first- hand how important it is for every Coloradan’s voice to be heard and every vote to count.

I started my legal career practicing international anti-corruption law, and then began working on our elections as a voter protection attorney for President Obama. I also served as the Director of the Governors’ DC Office, where I fought for Colorado’s interests. One of the things I’m most proud of is helping bring back hundreds of millions of dollars of relief when the 2013 flood hit northern Colorado.  I was honored to serve the state. Then I transitioned back to Colorado, and opened my own small business--a legal practice--in Louisville.

I am running because I believe there’s important work that needs to be done. I believe that every eligible Coloradan should have their voice heard. That’s why I plan to expand automatic voter registration. I plan to stop secret political spending in Colorado elections and to make the Secretary of State’s office into a business resource center for first-time business owners and entrepreneurs. 


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